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Attention all 501st members. There are several reforms being made to the over all structure
and operations of the clan. 1Lt Teh Newbz and 2Lt Hoshk are the two officers that will
be taking charge of most of the reformations. Newbz will be focusing on personnel
reform issue such as the way the clan is structured. If you'd like to provide feedback
pass that information up to him. Hoshk is focusing in on operational reforms and has
been tasked with trying to set up a training event, clan match, and a social event each
month. If you have ideas that you'd like to see come up at future events let him
know. These ideas can be training ideas, social ideas, or if you know of a clan that would
be interested in a clan match he's the one to contact.

LtC Skirata2
Commanding Officer

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 Recruiting Advice and Reminders

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PostRecruiting Advice and Reminders

Hey guys just wanted to pass on some words of wisdom when it comes to recruiting.

Introduce yourself
In your threads be sure to let people know who you are and what your position in the clan is. Believe it or not your rank can make all the difference in how people view the same message. An officer posting shows the reliability in the information where as an enlisted shows that the clan is worth joining from the enlisted stand point. The wider variety of ranks seen recruiting with the same basic message the more people are going to be drawn in by what the clan has to offer.

Keep It Professional
Occasionally you'll have people that post in your threads that are demeaning. Keep your responses professional. Don't be drawn in by the temptation to argue with or insult them back. Keeping a professional mind set will be seen as a plus by the community and will further reenforce the clan as a definite possibility.

Also generally speaking, It's best to stay out of other clan's recruitment threads. I'm not saying don't read them or anything like that. However, if you do go into the thread try to refrain from posting in that thread. I've received some complaints from other clan leaders about members trolling in their recruitment threads. While I'm not sure if the allegations are true, I ask that you refrain from posting in other recruitment threads as to eliminate the risk of being accused of trolling and unprofessional demeanors. If you do post in another recruitment thread again keep it professional. Other clan's recruitment threads isn't the place to post negative comments. If you're going to give what you would consider advice or something to that nature send it via PM not the public forum.

Remember regulation 1 in the Code of Conduct states "Personnel should (when working with clan members and representatives from other clans) conduct themselves professionally and treat other's respectfully."

Treat everyone as potential recruits. How you treat people on the bungie forums or in matchmaking could affect how everyone views the clan as a whole.

Thanks for reading. Keep up the good work on recruiting. Work as a team and succeed as a team.

They Drop Us To Drop Them!

Hoorah Helljumpers!

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Recruiting Advice and Reminders :: Comments

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Recruiting Advice and Reminders

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