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Attention all 501st members. There are several reforms being made to the over all structure
and operations of the clan. 1Lt Teh Newbz and 2Lt Hoshk are the two officers that will
be taking charge of most of the reformations. Newbz will be focusing on personnel
reform issue such as the way the clan is structured. If you'd like to provide feedback
pass that information up to him. Hoshk is focusing in on operational reforms and has
been tasked with trying to set up a training event, clan match, and a social event each
month. If you have ideas that you'd like to see come up at future events let him
know. These ideas can be training ideas, social ideas, or if you know of a clan that would
be interested in a clan match he's the one to contact.

LtC Skirata2
Commanding Officer

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 Story: "Death is a Luxury." - Character Description List

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PostSubject: Story: "Death is a Luxury." - Character Description List   Sat Jul 07, 2012 7:47 pm

Now this will be tough to write, due to the huge-as-hell numbers of characters I have and also are planned to be introduced, with some of the latter going to be listed here anyway. I will try my best to describe my own interpretations of the characters in this story, despite being ill and on a laptop that I am not even properly coping with being that I am constantly misspelling words and having to rewrite, and it doesn't give me a spellcheck to help me realize the errors, so try to cope with me. I am writing this in order of appearance, and I may make flaws from the timeline, sorry.

General Nicholas - Nicholas is a tall, sturdy built man of North-American descent. He respects everyone around him and is open to discussion. When in a situation of despair or fear, he isn't afraid to admit it. As well as his friendly demeanor, Nicholas likes to keep both the soldiers around and anyone that he comes into contact with outside the military in a state of mind that is calm and optimistic.

Luke - Easily seen as the first victim of the Vanikind genocide in 2016 and onwards, Luke was a slightly tall and slim man. Like a common trader, he wore citizen-like attire and always kept himself clean and goodlooking. A bit of a show off in the days before his eventual demise, Luke liked to brag and frequently battered with his fellow traders; losing several of such bets on numerous occasions.

Brigadier General Dimitri Slokovski - Slokovski is a man of honour, with a long family tree of respected heroes. An Ukranian descent, he speaks with a Russian accent and fell prey to many controversial stereotypes across the galaxy after a large terrorist party destroyed a city on the distant planet of Valeun. Like Nicholas, he is tall and strong, but he is very serious about his actions and always has a plan; this having saved him in younger years. As of 2016, Slokovsi is 34 years old.

Lieutenant Smith - Smith is, like a normal soldier in the galactic military at the time, a young adult in his twenties hoping to one day become famous. I guess Smith became famous for the first injured soldiers in the Vanikind genocide. Smith was a sarcastic joker among his friends and constantly cracked silly jokes about his fellow team members.

Commander Lorenzo Baites - Baites is a small-ish, but very muscular man. Rising through the ranks as a young soldier, his commanding attitude and serious nature eventually rose him into a Commanding rank. As of 2016 he was in his late forties and was far from his old fighting self. Out of the council, he is the most war-supporting and violent, but does take the fact that there are others around him into mind.

Commander Samuel Steele - Thin and middle-aged, Steele is a man of wisdom and knowledge. Likely the smartest of the Commanders, he tears a situation down to the furthest idea before setting a plan in motion and is very careful about his decisions. During a volcanic eruption on Mayj, he saved a large number of citizens and a military team when using his smarts to stop the lava flow in a large canal.

Commander Katherine Petronski - Similar to Slokovski in that she is likely from an Eastern-European descent, Petronski is the youngest member of the Commanders and since the formation of the galactic military the only woman to ever reach the rank. She is far different than Baites and Steele, always thinking in war about the safety of Earth and her colonies. Petronski is also known as a speaker and visits outer colonies of human space frequently to speak to the colonists. She is rumoured to have a distant daughter to a space pirate after a visit on Jatzen, though many believe this to be untrue.

Fleet Admiral Jeremiah Scotts - Scotts was, as a child, bullied for his smarts about computer technology, and more importantly his knowledge on guns. In his young adult years, he joined up in the galactic navy in hopes of one day commandeering a ship, which would soon lead him to much more. The first to fully encounter the Vanikind war fleet en masse, Scotts was reluctant to fight. He preferred a tactic of attacks from range and of course keeping his destroyers far from attack, though this proved unhelpful in his final battle.

Captain Kasavia/Communications Officer Preston/Major Nelson/Gunnery Officer King - All of these are generally small characters, each displaying only one reference. So as a short; these were a small group of friends who would all enlist in the military with hopes to fight "alien baddies" as they referred to them as.

Ivy - Ivy is more as seen as a small character, although I had planned her to be the main protagonist. She is a young girl as shown by her young age of 17 with an interest for space and time. Ivy is a tall-ish girl, black hair with purple highlights and a eager natured attitude. Commonly seen leading her pack of friends, she can be seen as a leader which would help her in years to come.

Isaac - Isaac is in hindsight the oldest of the trio, closing in on 18 years of age by the time of their story. Slightly smaller than Ivy despite his age different, he keeps his hair smart and tidy whilst also growing a small stubble of a beard, and wears a pair of glasses that partially mask his eyes. He has an interest in technology but is very cautious, but follows Ivy without too much complaints.

Katherine - The tallest, yet youngest member of the trio, Katherine is a mostly carefree girl who can be seen as a bit of a loudmouth. Long blonde hair and her huge interest in nature and creatures around her, it can be hinted that she aspires to be a gardener of somesort. Likely the "dumbest" of the group, she follows Ivy and Isaac mostly because they know more about the situation than she does.

Staff Sergeant Damien Knox - Yes, you guessed it Skirata. I named this guy and several others from OF: Red River, partially because at that time I actually never expected to continue playing it and so just used these as a reference to the game in my mind. Knox is similar to how he is in Red River; a serious, insult-hurling and a man of his word Staff Sergeant. In this apparition of the great Lord Knox, he is more caring about his team but still retains his large vocabulary of insults.

Corporal Ryans - A bit of a whiny-ass, Ryans is your typical cowardly character. He personally enjoys hiding back and staying well clear of the fight, though Knox opposes this by making him the team's Point-Man. How he got his rank of Corporal with this attitude is largely unknown.

Private Eckard - Eckard can be best explained as a lover boy. Constantly trying to hit on girls as a child, he soon grew to a more cold natured man. However this, he still respected his team and tried his best to protect them, even risking his life to save them from whatever they came across.

Lance Corporal Sorenson and Private 1st Class McGee - Oh look, another Red River reference. Just like Knox they share a large amount of their personality to their Red River apparitions and both like to argue a lot, but they are ultimately best friends. They care more for each other than they do for the rest of their team despite their bickering at times.

Major Stephen Lennox - A veteran of his special operations team, Lennox does have a good relationship with Knox as both have fought together since their younger days, with Lennox of course rising into the commanding ranks. Lennox is a bit of a hardass liking to charge his problems head on. However he does keep his cool a lot of the time despite how much he can seem to lose it.

Recruit Briggs - Briggs is newly recruited to the team as of the time period and so has little backstory. He served less than a year in the marine corps before his transfer and like several new recruits to a team is a bit shy at first. By the time of the storyline however he happily accepts his role and even greets the trio of kids when they first meet them, ultimately leading to his demise.

(Assassin) Sadie - Sadie is a silent and cold killer, personally speaking on few occasions. She usually finds the most brutal, yet least painful ways of killing her victims. Choosing speed over brute strength as an assassin, her chosen weapon is primarily a knife. Sadie has a deep Russian descent and her name Sadie is likely just a nickname instead of her real name. It is believed that she was orphaned at birth and more than likely learnt to be a thief of some sort as a child.

Calcifer - Despite being named later than his actual introduction, and a personal little favourite of mine I wish to bring back in the future of the story. Calcifer is an AI, named him after a character in a good old animated movie called Howl's Moving Castle. As specified by Hawk, he is the "Divertido" or "Fun" variant of his AI. Calcifer commonly uses emoticons and chats happily with the characters, despite however-old he is and how damaged he could be.
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PostSubject: Re: Story: "Death is a Luxury." - Character Description List   Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:33 pm

Hawk - I could write an actual short story about Hawk if I wanted to. Hawk is a descendant of Spanish space pirates from before 2016 and some years after. He is actually relatively young for his character. He has a "bedhead", dark brown hairdo and almost always is clad in his large scavenger attire. He commonly makes jokes, but is very helpful to the characters due to his knowledge of the "shadow world". He suffers from EMDA, a crippling disease that can render you immobile and usually kills within weeks after the initial nerve breakdown; injections preventing this help keep Hawk alive and healthy. He lives on the ship with his trusty compadre, Jasper.

Eagle/Wingflap - Eagle and Wingflap are only mentioned. Similar to Hawk, their names are more "callsigns" than actual names. Wingflap is mentioned to have been injured, in which she was taken back to safety by Eagle soon after. It is theorized that Eagle and Wingflap are amazingly on a planet that survived the initial Vanikind genocide, possibly referring to the outer colonies that were undiscovered by the time the Vanikind themselves were wiped out.

Jasper - As mentioned by Hawk, Jasper is a Border-Collie that was unfortunate enough to be sent through a portal. Jasper has since became good friends with Hawk and is his sole companion. It is believed that to keep Jasper from starving, Hawk actually gets dog food from portals that appear in actual homes, though this is unlikely. To also oppose this, Hawk gives Jasper small biscuits instead of common doggy treats.

Slokovski's Daughter - Mentioned only by Hawk, through space pirate stories she is told to be some sort of goddess due to her childhood's ever-changing livelihood. More commonly referred to as The Daughter, it is believed that she is in fact still alive, buried somewhere on a planet.

Colonel Rojas - Rojas is a man by the book. Descendant of slaves from the Vanikind and Kotamure occupation of Uvilipia, Rojas leads the 251st Rebels. Doubtfully the only Rebel Division, it is argubly the most known by the Kotamure due to it's ruthless nature. Rojas does look after his soldiers and tries to keep them out of harms way, but he knows what has to be done.

Jenkins - Jenkins has made more of a character to me since the ODST 501st, primarily because I see Hoshk as very similar to Jenkins including the accent. Jenkins cares for his soldiers, but is very clear on the objective and always tries to get it done even if it means his own end. Mutated by the Kotamure's attempts to purge the rebellions, Jenkins is a large, lizard-like man now without the eyes and tail, more or less just the colour and scales.

Royale - Royale is quite like a lion in his mutation, his bright red skin and cat-like eyes that allow him to see in the dark. As well, his mutation even changed his attitude. He can be calm one second, then literally turn into a monster the next. Despite this, Royale listens to those around him and even has an interest for reading.

Felicia - Putting this even before her actual naming, Felicia is the last of the mutants currently known in the story. Felicia is a tall woman with long black hair, and by her mutation, lilac-purple skin. Referred to by Eckard as attractive and the two sharing a relationship, I originally planned to explain their love deeper. Now I'm not a writer of love poems and whatnot, so I shortened this drastically but still kept the love they shared which may seem quite weird, but hey, it's better than rewriting several chapters.

I'll write some more of this tomorrow, since it is almost 2 AM and I need sleep.
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Story: "Death is a Luxury." - Character Description List
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