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Attention all 501st members. There are several reforms being made to the over all structure
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reform issue such as the way the clan is structured. If you'd like to provide feedback
pass that information up to him. Hoshk is focusing in on operational reforms and has
been tasked with trying to set up a training event, clan match, and a social event each
month. If you have ideas that you'd like to see come up at future events let him
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 Story: "Death is a Luxury."

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PostSubject: Story: "Death is a Luxury."   Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:26 pm

This is a VERY old story I wrote, more than 3 years old in fact. YES, it includes swearing and some misspelt words. I will try my best when copying and pasting this to remove the latter but I can't guarantee. I will post 5 Parts at a time until I reach the last part I ever wrote, and then I may continue it. I do not intend for you to read it all at once, a few parts a day is enough. So, let's get started. Ah nostalgia.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 1.
The war had been raging since 2016. Humanity encountered the destructive Vanikind. Bent on conquering the Universe, The Vanikind showed no mercy upon the Trader Ships. One Ship managed to escape to the closest Military Planet. Xycose. The Military Commander, General Nicholas, Was baffled at how the Trader Ship was so damaged. The only survivor being the Pilot, Who had suffered some brain damage, Could only remember three things. His first name, Luke. What the Vanikind Ships looked like, Being that no one knew about them at the time. And how to pilot a Ship. When he was brought to General Nicholas' quarters the Marines could see just how shocked he was. His skin was white with fear. Nicholas asked him what had happened. All Luke replied was "They were everywhere. They attacked us without warning. The noise from their Ships, It was like the devil calling to you."

"Death is a luxury." - Part 2.
General Nicholas looked in shock. He had been in more than 13 Wars with another species and not seen anyone like Luke. He looked at his right hand man. Brigadier General Dimitri Slokovski, A brave man who did not fear death. "Slokovski. I need you to inform Command about this matter, Then to go inform the Flight Admiral. Whatever thing did this to the survivor is NOT Friendly." Which Slokovski did, But all Command said was to "Wait for reinforcements.". The Flight Admiral said that they could send Scout Ships out, But they may not return. Upon reporting back to Nicholas, He could see the room covered in blood. Emerging from behind his desk. Nicholas told Slokovski that Luke had turned into something that no one had ever encountered before. After having several shots to the chest area in which Luke's heart was visible the "thing" that Luke had become exploded. Some spikes that were on the "thing" had got sent out at immense speeds, One impaling a Lieutenant Smith in his left arm. Nicholas looked at Slokovski, Then in a slightly fearful voice said "If they didn't believe us before. Lets see if they do now.".

"Death is a luxury." - Part 3.
Two Medics were brought into Nicholas' room to help Lieutenant Smith. One had to use a laser saw to cut the spike that had impaled Smith's arm. Then he ripped it out and the second Medic quickly put a cloth over the wound. Smith was screaming in pain as the Medics put over a second cloth due to how much blood that was leaking out of Smith. Nicholas and Slokovski went back to the Communication Console to speak with Command. At first the three Commanders on screen. Commander Lorenzo Baites, Commander Samuel Steele and Commander Katherine Petronski. All great war heroes that commandeered the Human War Fleet just off the planet Terranquil. They didn't believe Nicholas and Slokovski, Despite the blood on Nicholas' jacket. Then in came the two Medics, Officer Brookes and Officer Ramone. They were carrying Lieutenant Smith to the Medical Bay when Nicholas stopped them after noticing the Commanders' eyes open wider as he passed by. One Medic was sent back to Nicholas' office to get the remains of the spike that had impaled Smith. After more than an hour speaking to each other, The Commanders agreed to bring in the War Fleet. But being how far away Terranquil from the Military Base at Xycose. It was a matter of chance if they made it before the Vanikind found them.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 4.
Fleet Admiral Jeremiah Scotts sat in the Command Deck, Looking out at the stars that they passed. He looked at Captain Kasavia who was in command of the Engineering Deck and whatever happened to the Engines. "Prepare for hyperdrive Captain. Communications Officer Preston, Send word of the hyperdrive to the other ships. We can't leave anyone behind." Spoke Scotts. He turned back to the front window, The stars slowly beginning to move faster. Then they turned into beams of light as the Fleet travelled to Xycose. As they emerged in the Cirvili Quadrant they saw a Fleet of unknown source slowly drifting towards Xycose. "Major Nelson. Scan those ships." Said Scotts, He sat there worried. "Sir. I scanned them but... They're not something we've ever seen. The scanner won't give us a origin." Replied Nelson. Scotts looked at him, Then looked back at the unknown ships, Then once more back to the crew . He could see the fearful faces of the crew as word of the unknown ships spread throughout the Ship, Then to the entire Fleet. Finally, Using a Communications Link to all of the Fleet Ships, Spoke the words "Take us in.".

"Death is a luxury." - Part 5.
The Unknown ships had stopped, Then all of a sudden a light beam could be seen emerging from one of the Ships. It slowly but surely was growing bigger, But what was it? The Human Fleet slowed down to a halt, One Ship that hadn't stopped in time was hit by the beam of light. It exploded into flames and then a second explosion destroyed the rest of the Ship. These Ships weren't just any Ships... They were the Vanikind War Fleet. The Human Fleet started moving again, Scotts looked to Gunnery Officer King. "Prepare to fire back!" Shouted Scott, "Aye aye sir." Replied King, Who then went off down the Gun Decks shouting at the top of his voice "Prepare to return fire!". The Vanikind Ships turned away from Xycose and were heading straight for the Human Fleet. Two of the Vanikind Ships lit up and zoomed at the Human Fleet. Scotts looked at them for a moment, Then after realising what they were, Shouted out "They're suicide bombers! Avoid contact!". The Ship edged to one side, Avoiding the suicide bombers. A Corvette Class Ship behind was less lucky. The first had damaged it and the second hitting the Armaments Deck. Inevitably destroying it. Scotts looked back as the Corvette exploded, Then back to the Vanikind Fleet. Which was getting closer. War had broken out between the two Fleets. The Human Fleet was able to deal severe damage to the Vanikind Fleet. But in the end it was the Vanikind who had emerged victorious with their much more enhanced technology. The small Human Fleet had not been able to save Xycose, Which was later destroyed after the Humans inhabiting it had been taken as slaves. Including General Nicholas and Brigadier General Slokovski. The Destruction of Xycose caused Galactic War, But no one expected it to last the forty one years it did. General Nicholas and Brigadier General Slokovski's enslavement was the key to something much unpredicted. The remains of Xycose also became something unpredicted.

Lieutenant Smith died soon after being enslaved, Being without medical treatment he died of an infection.
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PostSubject: Re: Story: "Death is a Luxury."   Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:31 pm

"Death is a luxury." - Part 6.
Ivy looked up at the sky. She had an interest in space and time, Always eager to fly off into space and visit the galaxy out there. Ivy was just 17 Years old when it happened. She and her two best friends, Isaac and Katherine were out trekking just off school land in an area they called "The Dark Zone". They hadn't been allowed out there before because of people hearing weird sounds and one day a explosion was reported there. They worked their best all terms to try and impress their parents, As to let them out. Ivy looked back at Katherine, Who was falling behind because of her love for nature. She had been scanning the plants and insects that were living in the area and noting them down in her notepad. "Hurry up!" Shouted Ivy, She was eager to find the source of the explosion. The trio came up to a large wall of plantation. Isaac looked up, Scanning the wall for something to grab on to as to climb it. Isaac was a in-training climber. "There! We can climb up by those vines hanging over." Shouted Isaac, Katherine looked at him "Are you crazy?! What if one of us fell?!" She shouted back. Ivy looked at them both, Then shouted at them both "We are getting over this. We have to see what is over there, We could become famous y'know. Isaac, You go up first. Then you Katherine.". They looked at each other, Then nodded in agreement.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 7.
Isaac pulled a hook out of his backpack and lobbed it to the top of the plant wall. "Now if we attach some ropes to the hook wire and us we shouldn't fall... Well not as hard." He said, Looking at Katherine. The trio went over to the vines, Isaac going first, Then Katherine, And lastly Ivy. Halfway up one of the vines slipped through Ivy's hands and she plummeted downwards. "Grab the rope!" Shouted Isaac. Ivy grasped the rope and slowed down to a halt. She looked up at the two of them who had stopped, "I'll catch up, Just continue climbing. By the time Ivy reached the point she was before Isaac and Katherine had already reached the top, "What do you see?" She shouted up to them, No reply. She grabbed the top of the plant wall and slowly pulled herself up. There she saw Isaac and Katherine gazing in amazement at something the trio had never expected. There was black dust from an explosion, And just a few feet away from the edge of the black dust was a destroyed ship with insanely enhanced technology. Isaac was the first to speak, "That is far out." He said. Ivy was slowly moving towards it when Katherine grabbed her. "What are you doing Ivy? You don't know what is in there." She whispered. Ivy looked at her, "Kathy. There is no need to whisper. Whatever was inside probably died in the explosion." She replied. "Yeah. But what about the weird noises reported." Replied Katherine in a more worried tone. Isaac stepped in, "Now now ladies. We've just discovered something which is nothing human made. We can either explore it, explore it then report it to the police or just report it to the police. Your choice.". Ivy, Wanting to explore the destroyed and most likely derelict ship, Started heading towards a hole in the ship's side. Isaac and Katherine ran to catch up with her.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 8.
The trio shoved the strange metal alloy beam that had likely been broken when the ship crashed to the side. Electric sparks were covering almost every hole or break in the ship. Katherine looked at Ivy who was mind blown by the ship. Katherine didn't want to disrupt Ivy in her gaze of amazement but she couldn't hold it, "Should we really be here? It's dangerous." She said. Ivy turned to her, Katherine thinking she was mad. "We'll get out of here after I check out that room." She replied, Pointing towards a large in which a bright purple glow was emitting from. As they approached it Isaac heard a groaning noise to his left. He stopped for a second to look, Ivy halted and turned to him. "What are you stopping for?" She asked. Isaac looked to her, "I heard something." He replied. The trio moved towards the mostly destroyed corridor the noise had emerged from. Halfway down and they came to a blockage of the mysterious metal alloy. There, Hanging out of the rubble, Was an arm. In it's hand was a holographic pad. On the pad was some unknown language. Isaac leaned to grab it when Katherine grasped his arm. "What are you doing Isaac?!" She shouted at him. There was movement from the arm. In seconds a mysterious creature had emerged from the rubble. It bled from it's left arm and the right arm appeared to be broken, Still grasping the holo-pad. It looked at them, And they looked back. The creature and the trio were now gazing into each other's eyes.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 9.
For another minute or so the trio were still gazing at each other, It was then that the creature broke the what seemed to be infinite gaze. This creature, Was a Vanikind. The Vanikind survivor walked into the room that Ivy had been wanting to see, Then it beckoned them to follow. Ivy started moving towards it, Isaac and Katherine were unsure at first. But when Ivy turned to them they followed. The Vanikind slowly walked towards a weird machine with a video screen which was displaying nothing but error codes. Ivy walked up to the machine, Then looked at the Vanikind. "What is this thing?... Wait, You can't understand me can you." She sighed. The Vanikind inserted the holo-pad into a slot on the machine, Then looked to Ivy. "I understand you clearly human." It responded. The trio gasped in shock. "Y-Y-You can understand us?!" Said Isaac, With a shocked tone. The Vanikind looked at him. "Yes. But I only understand you and reply in your language because of this machine. This is but two of it's uses." Replied the Vanikind. Ivy touched the screen with her hand. "What else can it do?" She responded. "Let me show you. Be warned that your weak minds might not be able to cope with what will be shown to you." He replied. The Vanikind pressed some buttons, The screen turned to a fluorescent blue colour. Then a video started.

(Listen to this while reading this next part.)

A Fleet of Warships was shown floating in space. Scout ships flew ahead, But were almost instantly destroyed in a reign of plasma fire. More shots hit the Warships. Another Fleet had appeared, De-cloaking as they fired. The Vanikind Warships returned fire, Sending many of the enemy ships to their doom. But for every ship of the unknown Fleet destroyed three Vanikind ships were destroyed. As the Vanikind had been conquering the Universe this new enemy had already been developing a War Fleet ready to fight back. As the Vanikind ships attempted to retreat home they were damaged by the remains of ships that were destroyed. More of the unknown enemy de-cloaked into the battlefield. After the War Fleet had been destroyed the unknown Fleet drifted towards a large planet like space station. This was a Weapon of Mass Destruction that the Vanikind were building. Commandeered by an AI That, Being left alone for so long, Was turning rampant. The unknown species boarded the Station with ease, Having nothing to repel them. They soon reached the AI Commandeering Deck. There on the console, Was the Engulfing Shadow AI. It was easily turned against it's creators. In mere seconds, The Vanikind homeworld was destroyed. The Station's beam had burned right through the planet and had hit the core, Causing the planet to explode.

The video ended. The trio were awestruck. The Vanikind looked to them... "This humans, Was the downfall of my species. Soon it may become the doom of yours. My species fought a war with your species many hundred years ago. We won, And exiled you to this planet. But now we need your help. I ask of you to help me destroy my enemy, Your enemy. If we do not. Every species in existence is doomed."

"Death is a luxury." - Part 10.
Ivy looked at the Vanikind, In an endless gaze. Katherine and Isaac looked at each other, Worried. If the Vanikind Survivor was telling the truth, And that a species with the aim to conquer the galaxy could just destroy Earth and every human being living in mere minutes. Ivy broke the seemingly endless gaze. "But we have nothing to fight this enemy of your's.... Our's." She said worryingly to the Vanikind. Katherine and Isaac nodded in agreement. The Vanikind looked at the trio, "That may not be entirely true." He replied. Ivy looked at him, Confused at what he meant. The Vanikind went over to the console, Opened it up to reveal high tech insides. He started pulling wires away and reached to the back, Bringing out the 'Heart' of the machine. He held it high in front of the trio. "Using this tiny piece of technology created by my species, We could save billions and billions of lifeforms throughout the Universe. But it all depends on if your kind will trust mine." He said in a way that sounded like he was the President of Earth. Ivy looked at Katherine and Isaac. "Well, What are your opinions on this?" She questioned them. "Are you sure three kids and one alien could save so much life?" Replied Katherine. "Well if we pull this off, I'll be amazed. If not, We're doomed." Replied Isaac. The trio looked at each other, Then towards the Vanikind. "We're going to get Humanity back on it's feet, And we're going to save the Universe from our enemy, No matter the cost. We WILL show our enemies what they get for threatening our existence." They said together. The Vanikind looked at the 'heart' of the machine that was still in his hand. "Let us hope your armed forces will work with us to save every living being in existence."

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PostSubject: Re: Story: "Death is a Luxury."   Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:33 pm

Haha, some OF: Red River related names in this.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 11.
Ivy awoke on what seemed to be an alien planet. She looked up, Seeing nought but an endless land of burnt rock. She looked to her left and then her right, Her eyes widened in sadness. There lay the bodies of Katherine and Isaac. A bloody hole that filled the abdomen area on both the bodies. As she went near the body of Katherine, She heard a loud thud. She turned around only to see the body of Isaac missing, Then turning back towards Katherine's body so to was the body missing. She stood up and backed away. Something grabbed her shoulder and she turned around in shock... Nothing was there. There was an evil chuckle that lasted about five seconds before once more something grabbed Ivy. This time it twisted her around. Standing in front of her was a tall alien being. Two more approached from behind it, Holding the bodies of Katherine and Isaac. The bodies soon straightened as if alive, The eyelids opening to reveal nothing more than completely white eyes. "Come with us. Come with us." Said the bodies, Controlled by the aliens. The first alien looked into Ivy's eyes with it's three beaming yellow eyes. They almost blinded Ivy. The bodies soon slumped down again and were dropped to the floor. The first alien lifted up it's claw like arm, And impaled Ivy in the abdomen area. The last she saw was the alien slowly removing it's bloody arm from her. It had sucked out all her organs, And the last thing Ivy saw was herself slowly falling down to the ground dead as her eyelids closed.

She jumped up in shock, Sweating like a man with several fur coats in Summer in the middle of Death Valley.She looked around her room... It was all a dream. She slumped back into her bed, "Maybe those things I saw were the aliens that creature was talking about." She mumbled to herself. All she knew was that she had to tell someone, And quick.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 12.
Ivy glared through the window. Paying no attention to the lesson. "Ivy! Look this way, Please!" Shouted her teacher. She turned and looked at the board, And despite sitting near to it, The words seemed so foreign. As if written in some alien language. She couldn't help herself from looking out the window, Even after the third time the teacher shouted at her. It was a sunny and peaceful day outside, And she wanted to get out. But sunny it was no more. In almost a millisecond there was a thunderclap and heavy rain began. Although mostly masking it, In the distance an explosion was heard. The sound of the school intercom filled the classroom. "All students and staff, Please stay calm. We are sure that there shall be no harm to the school from this storm." Boomed the headmaster through the intercom. Another thunderclap struck, This time the thunder hitting the trees outside causing them to set alight. How could such a peaceful day turn into this thought Ivy. Once more thunder struck the classroom. This time the teacher ordered them all to leave and wait outside. But as they left, Ivy sprinted off down the corridor to Katherine and Isaac's classroom. Along the way she saw that almost every classroom had been evacuated. She found Katherine and Isaac standing under a staircase leading to the second floor of what was called the Armstrong Building. The winds had blown several doors down and the school was in havoc. She knew that she had to tell the two about the nightmare she had.

"Death is a Luxury." - Part 13.
After the storms had passed there was silence. Nothing, But silence. A team of specialized operatives led by one Staff Sergeant Damien Knox was sent in to check the damage. They found no one, Not one living soul. As they were about to head upstairs they heard someone running towards them. Corporal Ryans turned around and shot the unknown thing. It was shaped like a schoolgirl, But was completely black. The creature froze, Then disintegrated. "Holy shit. The »BLAM« was that?!" Responded Private Eckard said upon seeing the creature disintegrate. "»BLAM« if I know, Now keep moving marines!" Shouted Knox. "Keep your eyes out for any more of those fucktards! You don't know how they can »BLAM« you up!" He said, Finishing off his first sentence. "Nor do you know how your shouting can attract 'em." Replied Lance Corporal Sorenson under his breath. Private 1st Class McGee heard him and started to laugh. Another operative sent to keep an eye on the team and to see that they did nothing such as steal from the school was Major Stephen Lennox. "Silence!" He shouted. The team turned from a chatterbox into what seemed to be a team of mutes. They heard whispering as they finally reached the top of the large stairs. As they looked up to a hole in the third floor above them, They saw someone. Or something. For a brief second there was another shadow being that suddenly disappeared. Then they heard someone shouting "Kill it! Kill it!" From up above. There was a loud crashing sound and then another voice said "Wow, Never knew you were such a good batter.". The team rushed to the other side of the long corridor to another set of stairs leading to the third floor. As they reached it they were greeted by three students. The team aimed their guns at the trio, Making one of them drop a baseball bat she was holding. "Names?!" Asked Knox. Two of the students had seemingly frozen in shock, While one was still calm. "Well, I'm Ivy. That's Isaac, And that's Kathy." One of the soldiers, The newest recruit known as Briggs walked forward to greet them when there was loud clashing and banging, And a shadow creature burst out of a room and pulled him away back down the stairs. "Sorenson! McGee! Keep an eye on these three! The rest of you, On me!" Shouted Lennox. After finally reaching the 1st Floor and following a trail of blood most likely from Briggs they saw the creature pounced on him ripping him to shreds, "GET OFF ME!" He shrieked. The team opened fire on the creature, But it was too late for Briggs. He was bleeding out and his chest was almost completely gone, All his organs and even his ribs visible with the naked eye. "Sarge... Tell my mom... And my dad... Tell 'em... I love the-" He said, But he died before he could finish his sentence. The 'Assassin' of the group, Sadie, Walked towards his corpse and ripped off his dog tags. "Rest in peace comrade." She said. As she stood up she was about to give the tags to Knox. "Keep 'em. I'll honour him my own way." He said while banging his fist at his chest at where his heart was. The team walked through the doorway to a small almost completely destroyed classroom. As they stepped in they were greeted by a horrid smell and a beaming dark light. There, In the middle of a room, Was a unknown substance of some sort. It sparked and flashed with colours from black, To violet, To blood red. "What...The...»BLAM«?!" Was all that Lennox could say, And no one else could speak.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 14.
"Sorenson. McGee. Briggs is dead. Now get the »BLAM« over here. And bring those children with you." Said Knox over a communications link, With a touch of worry in his voice. As the group of five descended and were walking towards the other marines something was heard in a room behind the stairs. As McGee turned to face it in case of another creature attack, Something else came from the room. A much larger shadow creature. "HOLY »BLAM«!" Yelled McGee. As the creature charged and pulled the children and marines into the unknown portal. Everyone blacked out, Or so they thought. When the team awoke they found themselves on an unknown planet. Sorenson got up and walked toward a confusing monument looking object. There was writing engraved on the stone, But upon touch he found it was actually metal. Blast marks on it showed that it was off a ship of some sort. The writing was English, The words: "If you find this. Leave or kill yourself now! The creatures that call here home are shadows of those that died! They're endless! I hope this message gets out. Terranquil won't be the only shadow planet! Omar keeps ranting on about some Nether. It's his name for the darkness. Oh god not ano-" The writing ended with a scrape mark on the metal and dried blood on it. "I found them!" Shouted Eckard. He pulled Ivy and Isaac out of a small crater in the ground and Ryans carried Katherine out. "Can someone tell me, What the »BLAM« Is going on!?!" Yelled Knox. "Staff Sergeant, Don't yell so loud. I found something, And it ain't enlightening." Responded Sorenson. "Oh great. Anyone see that »BLAM« portal thing. 'Coz I don't." Spoke Lennox getting up from the ground dizzily.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 15.
McGee ran over to Lennox and helped him get up. Sorenson scouted the perimeter. There was debris everywhere. He walked over to another piece etched with writing. Though none was readable. Barely visible, Beneath the writing was the words "Harbinger.". Sorenson looked into the air and fell over in shock. In mid-orbit was a large, Mostly destroyed space station. "Staff Sergeant. Look at that thing!" He said with a tone of fear as he pointed at it. "Motherfucker!" Knox yelled. Something broke off from the station and hit the ground. It was another piece of it's outer plating as it was slowly eroding. There was a hissing noise. Sadie was attempting to wake up Katherine as Ivy and Isaac pursued the squad. She looked over to the crater the trio were found in and something was peering out of it. "Time to go." She said in her quiet and fast voice. She picked up Katherine and rushed over to the group. Sorenson turned around and blasted the thing with his Shotgun which he named Sasha. "Eat that you motherfucker!" He shouted. Another object broke off from the derelict station. But it move towards the group and landed perfectly. A door opened into the miniature ship. As they entered they saw many seats and a computer screen. On the screen was a computer face. "Welcome aboard The Royalty. This ship is for luxurious transport. Enjoy your time here. :3" Said the face, Ending in showing the face :3. "We are now returning to Station 7, Harbinger." It said once more. "Harbinger." Whispered Sorenson.
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"Death is a luxury." - Part 16.
"Now boarding Station 7, Harbinger." Said the AI As the ship docked. The ship looked abandoned at most. Scattered papers and rubble were all that remained. As the door opened, There was a noise. A footstep. "Sadie, Take point." Whispered Knox. "On it." She responded. She walked over to the wall of the door which led out the room. As the footsteps got closer they came to a stop. She peered around the corner and all she saw was a man dressed in a hoodie littered with pockets. Over his hoodie seemed to be armour, Though not in good condition. His baggy cargo pants were also littered with pockets. He held his hand out as if he wanted a hand shake. Then he pulled it back. In a raspy spanish-like accent he finally said something. "Welcome aboard the Harbinger. Or at least what's left of it. I see that Calcifer is still doing his job.". Sadie looked at him confused. "Oh yeah. Should've said. Calcifer's the artificial intelligence. He is the, Divertido personality core of his type. And most likely the only surviving one." Sadie peered back into the docking room. "Commander. You may want to meet someone.". As the team and the children moved over to the door Calcifer was still jabbering on in the ship. "Don't leave me alone. I hate being alone." He shouted. "If he doesn't shut up he'll attract more of those shadow shitholes." Whispered Sorenson. The scavenger stood at the doorway. "No he won't. They only roam the surface. The shadows here are of those who lost their lives aboard the Station. They souls forever repeat their deaths. The shadows on the surface are demented souls who escaped their curse but with no where else to turn to have became, 'Feral', So to say.". "Oh great, Another smartass." Lennox said loudly. "They used to call this ship the crown jewel of the universe. Not anymore. Now it's utter trash and worthless. Oh and, To make a proper introduction, My name is Hawk. Of the Crimson Talon Pirates.". The group looked at each other in confusion. "Space pirates? Y'never heard of that term. No?". "We haven't heard it because we've earthborn numbnuts." Spoke Ivy, Finally breaking the silence. "Ah. Earthborn. I feel sorry for you. Those that escaped the 'Impending Doom' became Space Pirates. I grew up on the planet of Soraxious. One of few planets that was inhabitable during those days." Hawk responded. "It's a big universe out there.".

"Death is a luxury." - Part 17. (Hawk's story.)
"So, What the hell are you doing here?" Said Lennox as the group entered what looked like the Main Control room, Or at least what was left of it. 12 Sleeping bags with junk near them littered the floor. Hawk walked toward one and pulled a rifle of some sort out of it. "This is my sleeping bag. The other 11 Are of those who came with me here. 3 Of us including myself were of the Crimson Talons. 3 Of the Rogue Nova. 3 Of the Terror Bringers, And 3 Of the Vultry's Knights. My two comrades, Eagle and Wingflap left after Wingflap was injured in a skirmish against some insanity driven Rogue Novas. The Rogue Novas and Terror Bringers had found something which drove them insane. The Terror Bringers killed each other and the Rogue Novas attacked us. Vultry's Knights. Well, They ventured to the surface and never returned." Hawk stopped talking. Then whistled. A Border Collie Dog strolled round the corner and sat down next to Hawk. "Good boy Jasper." He said, Stroking the dog. "How the »BLAM« Did you get a dog here?!" Yelled McGee. "Same way you got here. Those dark portals." Hawk responded. "After Eagle and Wingflap left and I was alone here, I started searching more around the ship and was tempted to go to the surface. Eagle continued sending me emails through a computer I got working here. Rumour is that portals have been spawning on worlds far from here. All leading back here. Poor Jasper here must have got caught in one and while scavenging on the surface a portal popped right there in front of me and Jasper launched out of it. Straight into my face." He ended. Katherine walked up to Jasper and petted him. Jasper looked towards a corner in the room and a shadow was on the wall, He whimpered. "He's still to get used to those shadows." Hawk said noticing Jasper's worry. There was a beeping noise. Hawk walked towards a computer monitor and turned it on. "Oh perfect, Eagle tells me that an asteroid is drifting towards our coordinates. You probably won't notice it but it has to hit the ship somewhere. It'll turn the whole area of impact into a Zero-G room. Good thing the Station has large stocks of Zero-G Spacesuits." Hawk said with a comedic voice. "Always wanted to fly." Responded Ryans.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 18.
As the group slept, Hawk stayed awake and sat there staring out into the vast universe. He picked up a syringe and injected himself. Katherine had woken up behind him and saw him. "Are you a drug addict?" She asked. Hawk turned around in shock. "Scared the shit outta me there. And to answer your question, No, I'm not a druggy. This is to keep me alive. Y'see, Where I was born there was a serious infestation of a disease called EMDA. The disease is usually untraceable but as you age it becomes visible. When you're past 20 Years old it starts to affect ya. This injection keeps me alive and out of harms way. If I didn't take it I'd soon die from EMDA. And how would y'survive without me? Hmm?" He responded. Jasper wandered over to Hawk and lay down. Hawk pulled out a biscuit from one of his many pockets and put his hand down for Jasper, Who licked it off his hand. "Good boy." He said cheerfully. "Y'see kid. We all depend on each other here. You ain't getting back to Earth until the next portal appears and God knows where it'll send you. You could end up on any planet between here and Earth." Hawk said while still staring into space. "Here's a story for you. Might put you to sleep or give ya nightmares. Anyway, Long ago. There was a war with Humanity and the Vanikind. We lost the initial battle and the 10 Stations here were mostly eliminated. From the 10, Only this one and Station 3 Remain intact. The planet we're in orbit of, Terranquil, Was generally turned from beautiful lush landscapes into this wasteland by a dark matter beam. Stories of a planet known as Uvilipia spread like fish in a sea. The stories all told about two men. Known as past General Nicholas and Brigadier General Slokovski. The two were assisted by other prisoners but only two people escaped. Slokovski and his daughter. Slokovski soon died after he was found by Pirate ships. They offered him everything but all he told them is to save his daughter. The Pirate ships were captured and the people on board were sent to Earth. God knows what happened to Slokovski's daughter but the Pirates didn't give up their promise to the Brigadier General. They died protecting Slokovski's daughter. Now could ya get to sleep? Because what you're about to witness might blow your mind and keep you up all night." Finished Hawk. Katherine returned to her sleeping bag and Hawk turned back to the window. In the distance, Beams of light started emitting from almost nowhere. And in mere minutes, All of space looked like it was lit up. "Espectacular Aurora." Hawk murmured.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 19.
As morning arose, Or at least when they awoke, Hawk was still awake. He turned from his chair and looked at the group. Ivy was the first to wake up. As she yawned he got out of his chair and walked towards the rest of the group. "Rise and shine!" He said loudly. Lennox jumped up in shock. "Don't do that!" He yelled. Hawk sniggered. "Now that you're all awake, I have some good news and bad news. The good news is that a new portal popped up last night. The bad news, It's on a small asteroid broken off from the planet but still in its gravitational pull. And the only safe route over than going to the surface is Station 3. Which is far deadlier than here. I already told you the story of the 12 Pirates including myself came here, Another 12 Went to the other station. There was a deadly outbreak of something that had previous been on Station 3 and it mutated the Pirates there and reanimated them. So that's 12 Freakin' mutants on board there. But it's still safer than the surface as the mutants are blind and can only find us by their enhanced hearing. Calcifer CAN Reach the asteroid but he's low on fuel. Thus meaning only 8 Can go on the ship. Any more and it'll slow him down and he'll never reach it. So I'll guide the other 3 Through Station 3. "I'll be 1." Said Ivy. "Make that 2." Responded Sadie. "You'll be needing a battle-hardened Staff Sergeant." Sniggered Knox. "Ah. Much better. I trust you 8 To make it to the asteroid safely. Problem is we can't maintain radio contact through the portal. So once you're through there. You're stuck without us. Don't try to make me worry about your safety." Replied Hawk. "Now you 3. Let's go get the Zero-G Suits. You better be ready." Finished Hawk.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 20.
Hawk looked out a window as he watched The Royalty leave the Station. "Let's get a move on." He said as he turned away. The 4 Of them came to a room with a dim light. "Don't worry ladies, There's a set of changing rooms in each corner." He grabbed onto two Zero-G Suits and handed them to Ivy and Sadie. Him and Knox grabbed two and got changed. After they were done they all met up in the centre of the room. "Right, We all ready? Good. Now here's a nifty piece of knowledge for ya. These suits have a limited amount of thrusters. So after the initial jump ends use your thrusters and you should just make it to the Station. In the case that you don't, I'm willing to sacrifice myself to get you on it. From there on it's pretty self explanatory." Hawk said before putting his helmet on. The group were at the end of the line. There was a huge chunk of the Station missing and they looked out to space. In the distance was Station 3 Just floating there. Knox jumped first, Then Sadie. As Ivy jumped, The last second to grab the ledge her thrusters depleted. She started to fall towards Terranquil when Hawk grabbed her. He then used his thrusters to get to the Station ledge. "Whew! Nearly lost ya." Hawk said sniggering. The group entered the first room which was painted with blood. "What the HELL Happened here." Yelled Knox. "Sshh... It'll here ya." Whispered Hawk. "Y'see, This Station's crew didn't die like those on Station 7. They were mauled to death by pets of the Vanikind named Hunters. Poor people never knew what hit 'em. Anyway, Be »BLAM« quiet. That noise y'hear? That's one of the mutants. And by the loudness of the noise, It's heading for this room. Get in those vents and continue through. I'll follow on behind. Knox, You're first." Hawk continued. The group entered the vents. Which too were painted in blood. "Gross." Whispered Ivy. "Not as gross as you'll look if that mutant gets ya." Said Hawk right behind her.

(Listen to this while reading.)

The group pressed on, Throughout the vents were many openings. In rooms that the group overlooked, Were bodies mutilated to levels impossible to understand. Many were without arms, Eyes, Legs and so on. Others with their chests ripped open and their dried organs laying on the floor. There was a room where bodies littered the room. "That my friends is a feasting zone. The mutants gather food then they feast. Disgusting isn't it?" Whispered Hawk from the back of the group. "Lovely." Responded Knox. The team finally came to an exit. The room was completely red and bodies were spread throughout the floor. Many almost completely dismembered or stripped to the bone. "This is a used feasting room. So we're lucky." Hawk said with a sigh of relief.

(You can stop listening to song now.)

This is enough for today. I'll post the rest either later, or tomorrow.
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"Death is a luxury." - Part 21.
The group pressed on through the Station. Eventually they finally came to a blast hole which overlooked the asteroid with the portal on it. "What'd I tell ya. There it is." Hawk said while laughing slightly. "Ladies first, I'll go last." He ended. Ivy jumped then Sadie. Knox followed as Hawk placed something down. As he landed on the asteroid, Knox looked at him. "The hell is that?" Said Knox. "That my friends is a bomb. It'll destroy the Station and put all the souls on there to rest. Now get your asses through there." Said Hawk. The group jumped through.

They awoke on an unknown planet. Hawk looked up and saw a missile fly across the sky. "The »BLAM« is going on here? Is this Earth?" Hawk said confused. "No. It's somewhere else." Responded Ivy. A man dressed in armour ran up to the group. "Where the hell did you come from?! Never mind. Get back here!" He yelled as the group moved behind sandbags. More men and women were on the other side firing at unknown hostiles. "Where are we?!" Shouted Knox as the bullets roared. "Uvilipia! The 251st Rebel Division!" Yelled the marine. "I'm Colonel Rojas. You will answer to me and to me only!" He continued yelling. A marine who was up front was shot and fell to the ground as blood poured out his wound. "Medic!" A marine shouted. "Nevermind! It's too late! Pull back NOW!" Yelled Rojas. The group pulled back as a creature leaped over a sandbag and jumped at the group. Hawk turned and shot it. Injuring it. The creature turned back and charged at him, But was set alight by a flamethrower marine on a rock. "»BLAM« yeah! Burn mo-»BLAM« burn!" The marine yelled. A ship flew over and turned as a chaingun appeared on it's side. "Light 'em up!" Yelled the pilot. The chaingun mowed down the unknown hostiles as a lawnmower mows grass. "That's right! Suck on it!" Yelled Rojas as he killed one of the creatures. He walked back over to the group with a grin on his face. "Right. Back to base." He said proudly as he continued on. More marines followed and Hawk led the group over. When they entered the Rebel base they were greeted by Katherine, Isaac, Ryans, Eckard, Sorenson, McGee and Jasper. Jasper jumped on Hawk and forced him onto the floor, Licking him like mad. The group laughed. Rojas walked up to the group. "Well welcome to Uvilipia. Right now it's a war zone as you already know." He said. "I thought this was a prison." Said Katherine. "It was, Until 50 Years ago the major prison was taken over by prisoners and more were around the planet. We call ourselves the Rebels as we push the Kotamure off the planet. We have our resources though some vehicles such as that Cheetah - 169 Heli you saw are rare." Rojas responded. "Now we need your help. We have few aerial trained marines. The few we do are led by a mutant. Jenkins is his name. You'll be using Oppressor - 29 Weaponry. A small silenced part SMG part Assault Rifle gun. Great for night operations. You'll be dropping into a Kotamure Supply Depot, Eliminate the few guards and personnel and capture it as we push up in the morning." He finished. Jenkins walked over to the group. He was a tall man, With scaly skin that was green. "Holy shit!" Said Hawk in surprise. "How'd he get like that?!" Hawk ended. "He and at least 249 More prisoners were in a prison named Dabuhan. The place had been testing a gas to kill humans in large numbers. But when they used it in the initial outbreak the 250 People including Jenkins mutated and changed. Many died afterwards but those like Jenkins survived. Not all are like him. There are many variations." He said as he left the group. "Well howdy. So you're who I'm dropping in with tonight?" Jenkins said in his Australian accent.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 22.
As night fell over the skies of Uvilipia. A lone ship lifted off and flew through the dark skies. "Lovely, First day on a planet with sunlight and no shadow fuckers for many years and I'm sent on a mission I could die on." Hawk sniggered. Eckard was looking around the other marines. The team was of 24 Including himself. The 2 Pilots made that 26 But they would return to base upon drop-off. From the 24 Marines including himself and Ryans, McGee, Sorenson, Hawk, Knox, Lennox and Sadie there were 3 Mutants. Jenkins as one. Another mutant known as Royale sat there reading a book as he waited for drop-off. He didn't look that much different to humans other than his red skin and his illuminated green eyes. But Eckard could not see the third mutant he was told about. He turned to see Hawk and his comrades chatting with marines and laughing. There was one marine sitting in a seat close to the ship exit. Staring at the land below through a window. Their face covered by a helmet. Eckard continued to search for the third mutant as he saw the unknown marine take off their helmet to reveal the third mutant, A female. Eckard was awestruck. It was love at first sight. Her soft lilac skin and her long black hair. Eckard could not turn away. Nor could he speak. Then Jenkins walked out from the ship cockpit. "Marines. Operation: Market Garden begins soon. Check your weapons and armour. Keep your helmets on at all times. One Kotamure bullet to your skull can and will kill you. Check your magazines. Don't ever run low on ammo. If you do, Pick your targets and be precise. No need to waste your ammunition which you may need later. And focus on the mission. Don't chat away while in the midst of combat." He said proudly. Eckard turned and saw Royale placing his book in his backpack and putting on his helmet. As was everyone else. Eckards grabbed his helmet and placed in on his head. He couldn't breathe. A marine turned and pushed a button on his helmet. "You're not in space jackass. Don't need to have your helmet set like that." Said the marine sniggering.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 23.
The ship slowly dropped from the skies. The clouds soon disappearing as the pitch black land became visible. "Go go go!" Shouted Jenkins as he and the other marines jumped out and pulled their parachutes. Hawk was the last to jump. "Cannonball!" He yelled as he fell through the sky. As they landed, Eckard couldn't catch sight of his love. There was a beam of light and the marines dropped to the ground. Blended in almost completely. A Kotamure guard walked towards the barriers and looked around. It then turned and wandered off. Blitzen. Take Turner, Lopez, Christina, Omar, Nicholas, Stepan and Vixen with you and position yourselves on the left flank. Buck, You take Carter, Vector, Jacknife, Sadie, Ryans, Loki and Rico with you and move up on the right flank." Whispered Jenkins, "On it." Responded Buck as he led the team away. "Hawk, Felicia, Sorenson, McGee, Eckard, Knox and Lennox. You're with me as we push through the middle. Right into the heart of our enemies." He finished. The other teams had already left. Eckard watched as the group stood up and moved towards the Kotamure base. Knox ran towards a wall and took point. "What do we have Staff Sergeant?" Whispered Jenkins. "At least 3. I saw another go into one of the buildings." Responded Knox. "Piece of cake." Replied Sadie. A Kotamure guard walked towards and the group saw him walk back towards the barriers earlier. McGee creeped up on it and shoot it in the back of it's head with his silenced Oppressor - 29. "Nice work." Commented Sorenson as McGee re-positioned himself. "Eckard, Felicia. Move towards that barrier. Stay there and wait for my signal." Whispered Jenkins. The duo sneaked towards a barrier and lay hidden. Eckard looked up as he saw the Kotamure soldiers wander around. Unaware of the teams. "3... 2... 1." Said Jenkins over a radio commlink. "Open fire!" He yelled as they turned from their cover and 'unleashed hell' onto the Kotamure. More bullets rained from the right flank. Eckard and Felicia stood up from the barrier and sent more bullets into the Kotamure guards. A guard burst out of a building and shoot at the two. One bullet broke Felicia's visor whilst another hit Eckard's shoulder. He fell down in pain and grasped his shoulder. "Keep your head down wouldn't ya?" Said Felicia as she bent down to help him. Eckard saw the break in Felicia's visor. It was her. The one he had seen on the ship. "There, All patched up." Said Felicia proudly. Eckard turned and saw she had bandaged his shoulder whilst he was daydreaming. "T-T-Thanks. I guess." He responded as he got back up. The initial battle was over and the base was mostly taken over. The surviving Kotamure being slowly eliminated one by one.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 24.
"Good work, Everyone." Said Jenkins proudly. "We have suppressed the Kotamure advance and Operation: Market Garden is a success. But this is not your time to rest. We are to move on to Guatacamelo. A large forest controlled by Kotamure and the STF." Finished Jenkins. "STF?" Questioned McGee. "The Kotamure's Special Task Force. They're not the only a-holes in this war. The Kotamure are in an, Alliance, So to speak. Led by mysterious aliens known as 'The 3.', With many other species. The Kotamure are only the cannon fodder. We're lucky to be fighting them and that we've drawn the attention of their Special Task Force I'm impressed with EVERYONE Here today. If we had their other allies, The Zerumai or the Vinihilanth. We've be all dead." Responded Jenkins. Felicia was standing next to Eckard. "Guatacamelo is a dangerous place. Many lives have been lost their in previous months. The Kotamure are holed up their and have the high ground. Thus giving them the advantage. But today, We have some treats for their filthy hides." Whispered Felicia. "Perfect example." Replied Jenkins from hearing her. Felicia face turned red from embarrassment as everyone turned, But they immediately fixed their eyes back onto Jenkins. "We have a E.O.D Team disarming Kotamure mines in area. When they're done, We've bringing in reinforcements. As we as Mortar Teams. And from the base, Impressed Colonel Rojas has permitted the use of Thor. A large cannon based weapon. What it does you may wonder. Well, It will fire a missile-like item into orbit which will give us an orbital view of the Kotamure holdouts. It too will be able to use another weapon. This was actually with firepower. Someone here will be equipped with Mercy. A targeting laser device to fire the orbital cannon that will burn our enemy until they are nought but dust." Said Jenkins as he stood proudly. All the marines cheered. "We're the main front. So I'll be arranging us into squads once more. But this time it is not 3 Groups of 8. But into 6 Squads of 4. This will mean much more versatile movement and not a large bulky squad waiting to be slaughtered." Ended Jenkins.

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"Death is a luxury." - Part 25.
Jenkins stood up and looked as Type-71 Scorpion Humvees rolled into the outpost. They had already made use of the area as supplies were set back to the Main Insurgent Base, Tents were set up and defensives were being deployed. Everything seemed all right. "Right. For the teams we shall have. Alpha: Ryans, Nicholas, Stepan and Vixen. Bravo: Lopez, McGee, Sorenson and Loki. Charlie: Eckard, Felicia, Jacknife and Vector. Delta: Me, Christina, Turner and Blitzen. Echo: Omar, Royale, Sadie and Knox. Foxtrot: Lennox, Hawk, Royale and Buck. Rico and the others will stay here at base. Eckard, You got the lucky number and got your hands on Mercy. Good luck." Said Jenkins as he pulled a backpack over his shoulder. "Stay close. Guatacamelo is dense with shrubs and bush. You can get split from your team in mere seconds." Said Jacknife as he cleaned his knife on his shoulder armour. Vector was wearing his thermal goggles as usual. He was tampering with his CAL-27 Assault Rifle. The Oppressor - 29 Wasn't as useful in a jungle. The bullets were unable to pierce the trees. So every marine now had his or her hands on a CAL-27 Assault Rifle, An M19 Pistol, A W32-Collaterator Sniper Rifle and 4 Juvenile-5 Grenades. The team entered Guatacamelo. Jacknife was cutting through the shrub when they came to a clearing. They saw nothing but more trees and the grassy floor. "How does the floor get so finely cut in a jungle?" Questioned Eckard. "Who know-" Said Felicia, But her speech was cut short by Kotamure fire. "Holy shit!" Shouted Vector as he ran for cover. "Quick. To the higher plateau!" Yelled Jacknife as bullets were hitting the trees behind him. He shot at a Kotamure soldier running towards him and the bullet hit it's brainpan. "Lucky hit!" Shouted Felicia as she followed. Vector had to move further out of sight of the group from the fire. He turned forward and hit a tree. He fell down unconscious. Jacknife continued running and saw Echo Team. He ran towards them as Felicia with Eckard behind her were still under heavy fire and had to relocate away from Jacknife's route. They came to more shrub and bush as the Kotamure chased them. A Kotamure STF Soldier attacked the duo, Wounding Eckard's leg before being shot at point-blank range by Felicia's CAL-27. "Come on!" She yelled back at him. But he could barely walk. "Go on without me." He said whilst groaning in pain. He threw Mercy towards her. "I can't just leave you to die." She responded with worry in her voice. "I-I-I'll only slow you down. If I stay here you can escape." Replied Eckard as his voice got ever quieter. "If I use my grenades, Maybe I can take them all with me to hell." He ended. He was shooting at Kotamure as they kept coming towards him. "One thing... I-I-I... I've always loved you since we first layed eyes on each other." He said as his voice began to disappear. "Go! Now!" He yelled with the last of his breath as he continued to fire at the seemingly endless wave of enemy. A tear dripped down Felicia's cheek as she got up and started to run away. She reached a high hill and turned back. Eckard lay there with his grenade belt behind his back. A Kotamure Officer was wielding a Plasma Katana. A weapon suited only for the honourable soldiers who earned the right to wield such an elegant weapon. It said something in it's language and lifted it's Plasma Katana high in the air ready to plunge into Eckard's chest. When he pulled a grenade from behind his back. "You.... Lose." His last words were as he pulled the pin and the Officer plunged the Plasma Katana into Eckard's chest. There was an explosion. Felicia gasped in shock. From there she couldn't hold the tears any longer.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 26
Felicia rubbed the tears off her cheeks. She turned and saw a bunker. She ran towards it and inside the main room found McGee, Sorenson and a wounded Loki behind a turned-over table. In the middle of the room was Lopez laying dead. She moved over towards them when more Kotamure advanced to the door and shot at her. She ran towards the table as Sorenson got up and shot at the Kotamure at the doors. "Nice of ya to join us!" Yelled McGee under the noise of gunfire. Loki pulled out his M19 Heavy-Pistol and blind fired at the Kotamure. Managing to actually hit one. The gunfire stopped for a moment as the Kotamure took cover. They planned to aim at one spot so that the amount of bullets would penetrate the table and hit the other side. Wounding or killing a marine there. They would do this several times until they were all dead. As the Kotamure aimed one of them turned in confusion and murmured something that made the others do so as well. There, Standing behind them was Hawk. "Hola!" He yelled as he unloaded a clip of his CAL-27 Into their bodies. Hawk sniggered as their bodies slumped to the ground dead. "Took y'long enough." Shouted Loki emerging from behind the table. The rest of Foxtrot team came into the room. "Good job capturing the bunker. This will give us an advantage on the Kotamure with the roof it has as a perfect sniping post." Said Lennox calmly. "Felicia's a great sniper." Said Buck, Though his quiet voice made it hard to hear. "Good then. Buck, Stay here with Felicia and spot targets for her. Felicia, Your sniping." Ordered Lennox. "I guess so." Murmured Felicia under her breath. "Whoa, Everything okay darling?" Responded Hawk. "Yeah." She replied. Trying to hide her sorrow. "Where's the rest of Charlie team?" Questioned Royale. "Either dead or missing." Said Felicia quietly as she climbed the stairs to the roof with Buck following behind her. "Well then. Foxtrot, Follow our six. Let's show these Kotamure bastards what they do when they mess with us!" Shouted Lennox as he led Foxtrot Team away. "Oorah!" Yelled the marines as they followed. Felicia sat on the roof with her eyes on the Kotamure advance on the other teams. A Kotamure Officer was running towards a marine who was retreating back towards his or her team. "0.3 Clicks west." Murmured Buck as he sat looking through his binoculars. She aimed and shot the Officer in his chest, He stopped for a second grasping his wound which allowed her to finish him off with a headshot. "Good kill, Good kill." Responded Buck after watching the Officer's body fall to the ground almost headless. She watched as the Kotamure stopped and started retreating. "Why the hell are they retreating?!" Said the confused Buck. Then Felicia's radio buzzed. "This is Phantom 051. Bringing in the pain!" Yelled the voice through the radio. Two jet-like figures flew in the skies above and dropped objects down towards the Kotamure positions. "Bombs away!" Responded the voice. "Have a nice day marines." They ended. The bombs exploded and the Kotamure in close enough range were merely disintegrated. "I LOVE The smell of napalm in the morning!" Shouted Knox as he stood on a large stump of 3 Dead Kotamure soldiers.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 27.
"That's how we get it done marines!" Continued Knox's yelling. Buck had already left to regroup with the others whilst Felicia stayed on the roof. She scanned the environment for more Kotamure, But could see none. They had won. For now. She held up Eckard's dog tag in front of her eyes and stared at it. She felt a cold touch on her shoulder and turned around to see Jenkins. "Ah, So we did lose some people. No matter, Their loss will be avenged." Said Jenkins with a calm and firm voice. "We are to move out of the woods and regroup with Type-71 Scorpions, A T36 Topaz tank and two UF-94 Ospreys. We are pushing up to an abandoned or thought to be abandoned village and making camp there. Command worry about how close this base is to ours and that taking it will buffer up our defences thus making ths war a helluva lot easier for us." He finished. Felicia just nodded in agreement, Hiding her pain from Jenkins. 2 Hours later the marines finally met the bright sunlight of Uvilipia's sun, Kuliepa. "Sarge? Do we get extra payment if we are blind?" Said McGee in his comedic voice. "Hell no!" Responded Knox. "Killjoy." Mumbled McGee. There in the distance they could see their escort. The two Ospreys were already in the sky. "Nobody messes with the Corps!" Shouted Knox proudly. "Yeah yeah." Replied Hawk as he looked through his sniper's scope surveying the landscape. In the distance he saw Avadon, The village they were supposed to capture and secure. In previous times this was a Kotamure staging post. But when the STF Moved into the area they relocated to Guatacamelo. Avadon was more of a wasteland than a village nowadays. No one knows what ever happened to the original inhabitants. Loki walked forward but stopped in an instant. He lifted his arm and felt his chest. Jenkins turned at him and saw the blood begin to drip down his hand. "SNIPER FIRE!" He yelled as more bullets came into sight. Blitzen grabbed the wounded Loki and lifted him off the ground as he ran back to the shelter of a tree and pulled out his medical equipment. "Two teams to the left, Two to the right and one down the middle! Spread out, Don't stand in a bunch! Blitzen, Stay with Loki! Right marines, Time to bring the pain to their doors!" Yelled Jenkins. "Oo-rah!" Yelled all the marines in response.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 28
Buildings became visible in the distance. The cooked ground all the way to Avadon was littered with them. Sadie was running towards the closest one with her M19 Pistol. Her sniper was already out of ammo and she preferred not to run with the CAL-27 In hand as it would slow her down. The STF Sniper on the roof appeared to have noticed her as they shot a bullet straight at her, Barely missing her left shoulder. "Merda!" She yelled in response as she continued running. As she approached the roof the sniper had already changed to a better close range weapon, A Illuna 37 Shotgun-like gun. It shot in straight lines so as perfect timed dodge could save your life. Sadie shot at the STF Sniper and dodged his fire. She was able to shoot the gun out of his hands and she sprinted towards him, Knife in hand. The sniper lifted his arm in response and Sadie's knife pierced his skin. With a growl the sniper knocked Sadie towards off the building and onto the cooked soil below, yanked the knife out of his arm, Throwing it to one side and jumped down himself. As Sadie awoke from her brief unconsciousness she could she the angry sniper strolling towards her. He revealed a Plasma Dagger emitting from a contraption on his wrist. She clambered towards the M19 Pistol lying on the ground, But the sniper stood on her arm which caused her to scream in pain. She eyed the sniper, Knowing that she was about to die. As the sniper lifted his arm into the air, Ready to plunge his dagger into Sadie's chest, Sadie caught sight of a figure to the sniper's left. Hawk rugby tackled the sniper to the ground and shot him several times in the head killing him instantly. "Lucky I was here to save ya." He said sniggering as he pulled her off the ground. The rest of his team followed and it was clear that the rebels had won this battle. They saw the T36 Topaz blasting a building into rubble and the snipes inside rushing outside in hopes of escaping only to be gunned down by the marines waiting outside. "Area's clear. Move up to Avadon marines. Oo-rah!" Said Flight Lieutenant Harris over the Osprey's radio. Sadie looked up and saw the two Ospreys fly overhead towards Avadon. They could see that the sun was setting and the ground grew ever cooler as it vanished.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 29
As the sun had vanished beyond the horizon, The marines had settled inside a tight area in between a tower and a few buildings. Sadie stood on the roof of one of the dust-covered buildings as the last glimpses of light disappeared. Hawk walked up onto the roof, "You gonna get to sleep?" He said calmly holding a flask of coffee. "In time. And... Thanks for earlier." Responded Sadie in her quiet voice. "I was just being a gentlemen." Sniggered Hawk in responce. "Well I'm stuck on night watch with Jacknife and Vixen. Also did'ya hear? Blitzen found an amnesiac Vector wandering out of Guatacamelo. He's been treated slightly by Blitzen but he worries that they won't get all his memory back." Spoke Hawk as he tampered with his rifle. The small town they were holed up in was not too far away from Avadon but there was a great stretch of open space in between them. Easy pickings for snipers. Hawk walked down the stairs and walked out the door as behind him slept several of the marines including McGee and Sorenson. Knox and Jenkins were chatting to each other at the fire. Vixen was on the top of the tower brushing her fluorescent red hair and her sniper lying next to her. Jacknife was standing facing the Great Divide the marines had called it. He was sharpening his knife as usual. "Beautiful night isn't it?" Said Jenkins noticing Hawk. "I haven't seen one like this in years. I remember being back home and watching the sunset at night. Beauty to see. Especially when you're like 11 Years old." Sniggered Hawk.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 30
The night had been like a usual Earth night. The cold air was pressing against Hawk's face as he pulled his bandana higher on his face. He thought he caught a glimpse of something in the distance but he believed it to be a minor disturbance. He sipped the coffee trying to stay awake. He was messing with his sniper scope. He looked through it and saw something that disappeared into the darkness in a mere second. "Holy shiit." Said Hawk in a spooked-out tone. He felt a touch on his shoulder and jumped round in shock, Vixen immediately ducked just missing being decapitated. "Nice work, Smartass." She said in her irish accent. "Not my fault! Your the one who tapped me when I'm scared!" Responded Hawk. Vixen sniggered. "I'm kidding. Why y'scared?" Replied Vixen. Hawk turned out to the darkness and pointed. "See there?" He questioned, "Mhmm" Responded Vixen. "Well, I saw something move out there in the dark." Ended Hawk. "Well, Y'ever hear of Texilc? They're creatures similar to wolves. But they have 3 Jaws on their face and can rip you to shreds in mere seconds. Horrible way to die. They usually don't attack unless in packs, And they rarely attack a fully armed complex area. Problem is they don't just hunt at night. We don't just have the Kotamure to worry about when we cross the Great Divide." Said Vixen with a touch of worry in her voice. Day broke out and the marines started to wake up. "Finally." Said the almost asleep Hawk. As Jenkins woke up he recieved a radio call from Colonel Rojas from Main Base. "This is Colonel Rojas, Respond?" Said Rojas through the transmission. "I hear ya loud and clear." Responded Jenkins. "Good. We have a new MAC-51V Turret being installed. It's supposed to fire highly powered Gauss projectiles and can hit a Kotamure ship before it makes orbit. Problem is, It's yet to be tested. Important personnel are being evacuated as well as those kids to your position, Over?" Continued Rojas. "Your doing what?! Those kids won't last a minute in open fire, Especially to STF Snipers!" Yelled Jenkins in response. "It's the safest option. Y'never know when Illuno base, The one you captured before going into Guatacamelo, Could be attacked. That forest is a BIG Place. There could be more Kotamure in there. You've got 3 Arch-V35 Humvees moving to your position with everyone. Good luck, Rojas out." Finished Rojas. "Shit." Was all Jenkins could say.

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"Death is a luxury." - Part 31
"Sir, We getting reinforcements?" Said the worried Blitzen. "Far from it, We're getting more cannon fodder." Responded the disappointed and slightly angered Jenkins. It was an hour later when the convoy arrived. "Today's school trip will take us to the town of Avadon." Said the laughing Hawk as the children exited the Arch-V35. "Funny." Replied Felicia in a mood-less voice. She was gazing at Eckard's dog tag. Royale walked behind her. "What's that?" He questioned. In shock she immediately hid the dog tag. "Nothing." She replied in a what seemed to be scared tone. "If you say so." Responded Royale, Who proceeded to walk away. The Arch-V35 Humvees were going to assist in Operation: AVADON. They were to take the children, VIPs of Main Base and with the support of 1 of the UF-94 Ospreys and a Type-71 Scorpion loaded with some marines were to charge Avadon. Confusing the STF Snipers and possibly also confusing the Texilc. "See ya on the other side brother." Said McGee to Hawk who was to move in with First-Force. "Good luck." He responded to McGee.

(Listen to this for this next part.)

"Gentlemen, Ladies. Today we make the major push to end this war. We shall NOT Back down. NO MATTER WHAT, OUR ENEMIES, DO TO US! THEY MAY BREAK OUR BODIES, BUT THEY SHALL NEVER, EVER BREAK OUR SOULS! We CAN, And we WILL, Push the Kotamure BACK, From Uvilipia. TODAY, WE MARK THE DAY US HUMANS FIGHT TOGETHER! PLANET TO PLANET! AGAINST THE KOTAMURE AND THEIR LEADERS! NO LONGER SHALL WE ENDURE THEIR TORMENT! TODAY, WE FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM IN THIS UNIVERSE. So, Marines, We ye' fight with me. Or will ye' not?" Yelled Jenkins honourably. "OO-RAH!" Yelled the marines, With their guns held high in the air. Felicia looked at Eckard's dog tag in the middle of the crowd. She smiled and a tear of joy dropped down her face. "Make me proud." Said a ghostly voice, Which she could only identify as Eckard's soul. "Well marines, Let us push forward. Let us never back down." Spoke Jenkins as he walked towards the border wall of the camp. "Now, Bring me that horizon." He whispered. He turned and saw the T-36 Topaz tank crew getting ready to push, The UF-94 Osprey crew boarding the craft, The Type-71 Scorpion being loaded and Turner replacing the ammo on the gun. "Charge!" Yelled Jenkins. The marines started to vault the camp wall following Jenkins. The wide stretch of land in between Avadon could be conquered by the rebels, And would be. As the marines rushed through the desert landscape, Jacknife turned to see a Texilc jumping at him. He stood out of the way and as it hit the sand he stabbed his knife into it's back and ripped backwards, Tearing it's back open. More started to jump over the dunes and charge the marines. A pack was sprinting down one dune and about to leap at Jenkins when the Topaz tank turned and blasted them. "CHEW ON THAT MOFUCKERS!" Yelled the tank gunner laughing maniacally. A sniper bullet skimmed Blitzen's head, But he continued to run. He pulled out his sniper rifle and with it's last shot fired at the STF Sniper. "GET A MOVE ON!" Yelled Vector as he ran on. Jenkins was leading the marines when he saw something hurling towards him. The next second he found himself opening his eyes with the sand on the side of his head. He looked up and saw Felicia sprinting towards him. "Leave me, I'd rather die a hero than die trying." He responded to her dropping her unneeded gear. "No can do Commander. I've lost one already, I won't lose another." She shouted as she grabbed him off the ground. "Turn us around!" Yelled Turner as the Scorpion came to a halt. The Scorpion turned around and Felicia dropped Jenkins into the backseat. "We'll take it from here ma'am." Said Rolands the driver. "Keep him safe, Get him to Avadon. I'll take the remaining forces to Avadon." Felicia responded. The Scorpion started to drive away and the UF-94 Osprey followed it's path. The T-36 Was on the other side of a large dune. Almost all the marines had taken shelter in a large hole in the sand. Several dead Texilc bodies lay around the hole. Felicia dropped to her knees in the cover. "Orders ma'am?" Questioned Loki. "We stick to the plan. Y'got that?" Responded Felicia.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 32.
"Oo-rah!" Yelled the marines as they sprang up from the ditch. Vixen vaulted over the highest ledge of the ditch and was greeted by more Texilc. She the first in the face causing 2 of it's jaw to break and the other becoming almost unidentifiable. Then hurled a knife at another. The final one jumped at her, She side-stepped to the left but her right arm got caught on the shredding teeth. She grunted in pain. Texilc have excellent hearing, And if she was to scream it would show the rest of them that she was in pain and easier to bring down. The Texilc started yanking at her arm with some of her clothing in it jaws as well. Blitzen ran over and zapped the Texilc with a defibrillator. "I'm amazed that work." He said smiling. Felicia turned around and yelled for them to get a move on. Loki was shooting at a Sniper Outpost on a high dune when there was a loud explosive noise. He glared at the Outpost and he noticed movement. The dune in a sudden instant collapsed and hurtled towards them at high speeds. "SANDVALANCHE!" He yelled. "Oh brilliant, Juust brilliant." Responded Jacknife. A Texilc hurled itself at Felicia as she sprinted. She glanced at it for a second before it was blasted to shreds. She looked up to she the UF-94 Osprey that had returned. "Marines! We are green, And very, VERY MEAN!" Yelled the pilot. "Holy shit!" Yelled one of the crew. "Mother! I can't watch this." Yelled Vixen as she saw the Osprey consumed by the falling sand. The Osprey exploded into flames and vanished completely. But this event slowed down the collapsing dune. Most of the marines had escaped the deadly sands falling.

The body of the flight crew of UF-94 Osprey Lima-November-Mike was never found nor was the body of Ramirez Buck. All are MIA and presumed dead.

"Death is a luxury." - Part 33.
As the remaining marines made it into the streets of Avadon, smiles of both glee and joy. "Did you FREAKING SEE THAT?!" Yelled Loki, laughing as he spoke. "Yeah, and it wasn't that pretty." Responded Blitzen. Sure the marines had made it there, but several good soldiers had died on the way there. "Sure we lost a few, but atleast we got through. Ain't that right Jacknife?" Replied Loki. Jackknife looked at him, cleaning his knife of blood on his shoulder plate ignoring Loki's question. "So, um. Where's everyone else?" Questioned Vector. In some form of coincidence, the Topaz tank came right 'round the corner as he finished his sentences. "Well look, the ladies actually made it here!" Shouted the driver from the hard shell of the Topaz. Hawk was standing above the roof of the marines and ducking down under the sight of those below him he imitated the language of a Kotamure. All the marines below him quickly brought their guns to arms. Hawk stood up and laughed at the shock of them. Suddenly the joyous event turned drastically. A large Kotamure ship had just teleported into the skies above Avadon. "Holy »BLAM« shit!" Yelled the marines as they saw a large ship hovering just a few hundred feet above them. "Everybody into the buildings!" Shouted Felicia as small scout ships starting breaking off from the frigate. As the marines from the First-Force came to the section of the village with all the other marines with the children and scientists with them, McGee ran into the sandstone buildings after Felicia. "Uhm, the Captain wants to see you Ma'am." Murmured McGee. "If it's 'bout the ship, I think she already »BLAM« knows mate." Responded Vixen. Felicia turned to McGee; "What does he want from me?" She questioned. "Dunno, just told me to find you." Replied McGee. Felicia sighed, "Vixen, take care of everyone. Where is the Captain anyway?" Spoke Felicia. "Right this way Ma'am." Said McGee as he walked out of the small doorway.

To clear some finishing things off. Yes, I am finding any spelling mistakes and correcting them the best I can. Yes, I'm reading this (again) myself. Most parts of this story were written late at night, so that does explain the numerous errors.
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Story: "Death is a Luxury."
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