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Attention all 501st members. There are several reforms being made to the over all structure
and operations of the clan. 1Lt Teh Newbz and 2Lt Hoshk are the two officers that will
be taking charge of most of the reformations. Newbz will be focusing on personnel
reform issue such as the way the clan is structured. If you'd like to provide feedback
pass that information up to him. Hoshk is focusing in on operational reforms and has
been tasked with trying to set up a training event, clan match, and a social event each
month. If you have ideas that you'd like to see come up at future events let him
know. These ideas can be training ideas, social ideas, or if you know of a clan that would
be interested in a clan match he's the one to contact.

LtC Skirata2
Commanding Officer

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 Billets and Roles Defined

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PostBillets and Roles Defined

This Section will define the responsibilities the different billets within the clan. If you're assigned a billet you are expected to fulfill these requirements. If you are not going to be able to meet these requirements for what ever reason you need to let someone know. This can be done via your chain of command.

Commanding Officer (CO)
The CO is the leader of the clan. The CO's responsibilities are to oversee that each member is fulfilling his responsibility to the clan. It's also the CO's job to make sure that the clan is running smoothly. The CO will initiate changes based on observations made, the staffs and other members concerns and suggestions made to improve how the clan is run.

Executive Officer (XO)
The XO is directly responsible to the CO. The XO's main responsibility is to oversee the execution of decisions made by the commanding officer. The XO is also the key officer that deals with disciplinary problems within the clan. He'll oversee any issue that involves discipline within the clan. The XO may also serve in the CO's place in the event of his absence.

Administrations Officer (AO)
The Admin Officer is responsible for overseeing ordinary administrative functions that need to be carried out. The Admin Officer is responsible for overseeing promotions. Carrying out member's retirement from the clan and honorable discharges or members. Also responsible for contacting inactive members to get them back to active status.

Chief Operations Officer (OC)
The Operations Officer is key in setting up a variety of clan events. The OC is required to make sure that members are able to attend and seeing to it that the appropriate amount of merit is awarded for participating in and event. The OC is also responsible for setting up new forums or anything else to see that every day operations are able to be carried out efficiently.

Company Commander (CC)
This member is the leader of the company echelon. The CC is responsible for overseeing his platoon leaders and making decisions within his company to oversee that it runs smoothly. The CC is also responsible for meeting with the platoon leaders and the Company staff periodically to discuss issues that effect the Company and it's lower echelon members. This role is typically held by a 1st Lieutenant or a Captain.

Deputy Company Commander (DCC)
The DCC serves in much the same function as the executive officer. If the CC is unable to fulfill his duties the DCC will fill in until his/her return. The DCC is also responsible for carrying out the decisions of the Company Commander. This role is typically held by a 2nd or 1st Lieutenant. In some cases a Chief Warrant Officer 4 or 5 can serve in this role. This role may be omitted if staffing is not available.

Platoon Leader (PL)[b][u]
The platoon leader is responsible for organizing events and overseeing any disciplinary action within his platoon. If unable to handle the situation he may refer it up the chain of command to his company commander. He also has the ability to make decisions that will effect all the squads within his platoon assuming they don't conflict with any decisions made by officers in higher echelons. This role is typically filled by a Warrant Officer 1 - 1st Lieutenant.

[b][u]Command Sergeant Major (CSM)

The Highest Enlisted Person in the clan. The CSM's job is to oversee all enlisted members are doing their jobs. The CSM brings ALL matters that concern enlisted personnel to the Battalion Officers.

Sergeant Major
There will typically only be 1 or 2 Sergeant Majors in the clan. They fill the role of First Sergeant within their Company however may be asked to fill in from time to time as the CSM if the regular CSM is on leave.

First Sergeant
The First Sergeant is the senior enlisted member within the company echelon. This member is directly responsible to the Command Sergeant Major and his Company Commander and Deputy Commander.

Platoon Sergeant
This is the highest enlisted member of a platoon. The platoon sergeant serves as a mentor to the squad leaders in his platoon. He's also responsible for overseeing that the personnel in his platoon are trained. He's also the first enlisted person that has the ability to pass things up to an officer via the chain of command. This role can be filled by a Staff Sergeant - Master Sergeant.

Squad Leader
This is the first person in the chain of command. Basic members answer up to their squad leaders. Squad leaders may be expected to set up events for their squad. They may also oversee minor disciplinary issues within their squad. However, more serious issues should be referred up to the platoon sergeant so i can be passed to an officer if further problems arise. This role is typically filled by a Corporal or a Sergeant. It can however be filled by a staff sergeant if all the platoon sergeant positions are filled.

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO's)
NCO's are the backbone of the clan leadership. Senior NCO's may serve in upper level echelon command levels as the enlisted advisor to the officers in that command echelon. However, the main duty that NCO's will be responsible for is leading a squad. Squad leaders are the first level within a members chain of command once they pass the recruit phase of their training. Any question that is sent privately that skips the chain of command will NO LONGER be addressed by the officers.

A mentor is any member that has been in the clan long enough to know what is going on. They are assigned to new recruits as they enlist to help them through the enlistment process. A mentor can be of any enlisted rank in the clan so long as they've been around long enough to know what is expected of members of the clan. This will help hone and build that members leadership abilities and to allow members of all rank to have responsibilities in the clan. Each mentorship will be listed in the members service record and whether or not is was a successful mentorship.

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Billets and Roles Defined :: Comments

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Billets and Roles Defined

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