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Attention all 501st members. There are several reforms being made to the over all structure
and operations of the clan. 1Lt Teh Newbz and 2Lt Hoshk are the two officers that will
be taking charge of most of the reformations. Newbz will be focusing on personnel
reform issue such as the way the clan is structured. If you'd like to provide feedback
pass that information up to him. Hoshk is focusing in on operational reforms and has
been tasked with trying to set up a training event, clan match, and a social event each
month. If you have ideas that you'd like to see come up at future events let him
know. These ideas can be training ideas, social ideas, or if you know of a clan that would
be interested in a clan match he's the one to contact.

LtC Skirata2
Commanding Officer

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 Code of Conduct

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PostCode of Conduct

1) Personnel should (when working with clan members and representatives from other clans) conduct themselves professionally and treat other's respectfully.
2) Though we don't require the use of the "sir" type responses, It may be used on occasion. Members may use this type of response at their discretion. This type of response should be carried out appropriately when in the presence of a representative from another clan. Do NOT call and NCO or other Enlisted Personnel Sir or Ma'am. Sir and Ma'am are reserved for Officers (Warrant and Commissioned)
3) Cursing should be kept to a absolute bare minimum. I understand that this is a clan focused on M rated games and that the clan is generally a mature "audience" for lack of a better term. However, Cursing reflects poorly on the clan. If a word slips now and again it's understandable and will more than likely be overlooked. If cursing is excessive disciplinary action may be taken.
4) When using the forum members should remain active and participating in discussions. However, posting for the sole purpose to increase post count and Merit will merely result in a loss of merit points. If the issue persist may result in a temporary ban.
5) Flaming is strictly prohibited. Any member, Non-Personnel, Ambassador, ect... caught in the act of flaming will be dealt with severely. Depending on the severity, It may result in a minimum 4 day ban to a permanent ban.
6) Trolling members caught on the site trolling will be banned. This also includes any member caught trolling on allied clan's sites.

Note: Code of Conduct is open to amendment at anytime as seen fit by High Command with or without notice.
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Code of Conduct :: Comments

Re: Code of Conduct
Post on Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:57 pm by Alpine_gremlin
Be sure to heed closely to these rules. They will be enforced strictly.

Code of Conduct

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