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Attention all 501st members. There are several reforms being made to the over all structure
and operations of the clan. 1Lt Teh Newbz and 2Lt Hoshk are the two officers that will
be taking charge of most of the reformations. Newbz will be focusing on personnel
reform issue such as the way the clan is structured. If you'd like to provide feedback
pass that information up to him. Hoshk is focusing in on operational reforms and has
been tasked with trying to set up a training event, clan match, and a social event each
month. If you have ideas that you'd like to see come up at future events let him
know. These ideas can be training ideas, social ideas, or if you know of a clan that would
be interested in a clan match he's the one to contact.

LtC Skirata2
Commanding Officer



The ODST 501st has recently been going through major activity problems. I must admit that in general, just about everyone has played a part in contributing to the problem, the staff included.

From this point on if you are going to be absent for more than 3 days send a general notice to both the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer to inform them of why you are unable to fulfill your responsibilities. Also, you'll need to include an expected return date. If unable to return by then you must repeat the process within 3 days of your expected return date.

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 Global announcement:

VOTE 501st!!!!

Hey guys up at the top of the forum there's a new sponsor listed called top 100 clans. Here's how it works. You click the image and vote for the clan. You can vote as many times as you want within any time frame. The more votes we get the higher up in the rankings we go. If we can make the top 100 it may increase our recruiting abilities. I can't do this one on my own. Go vote now!!

You can also click the image link below

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Here is a list of all the different ribbons that a member can earn within the clan and what they'll look like. Note that the ribbons will actually appear on your profiles much smaller than the ones shown here.


The Medal of Honor is the highest award in the 501st. In order to receive this award a member can't have any disciplinary action on their service record. The member must be recommended for this award by a Battalion Command level Officer. The other...
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There's been some confusion about the different types of discharges in the clan and I'd like to explain what each discharge type is.

Honorable Discharge
An honorable discharge is for members who are leaving the clan on good terms. Members that receive and honorable discharge are always welcome to return. They aren't guaranteed to keep their rank upon return though. That's not to say they can't. We just don't guarantee it.

Retirement is the same as an honorable discharge but the member is guaranteed to...
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One of the questions members often ask is how they earn promotions. I've listed the new promotion guidelines below. To use this list find your current rank and it'll give you the minimum requirements that you need to earn at your rank in order to be promoted.
Promotions are no longer automatic once all requirements have been met. Members must request the promotion via the promotion request section. Please follow all directions in that section. Commissioned Officers may decline promotions at any point in the process for: Not following the given directions, poorly constructed...
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This Section will define the responsibilities the different billets within the clan. If you're assigned a billet you are expected to fulfill these requirements. If you are not going to be able to meet these requirements for what ever reason you need to let someone know. This can be done via your chain of command.

Commanding Officer (CO)
The CO is the leader of the clan. The CO's responsibilities are to oversee that each member is fulfilling his responsibility to the clan. It's also the CO's job to make sure that the clan is running smoothly. The CO will initiate...
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As many of you know there is an option upon registration about subscribing to the clan news letter. Though in the past we've generally held this to be solely optional, admins have the ability to subscribe people to the news letter or unsubscribe people as they see fit. Commissioned Officers may now at their own discretion may subscribe any member that they deem to be inactive to this news letter to assist in dispersing important information to all clan members. These news letters may be used to announce promotions or to inform clan members of new regulations or general information that the rest...
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There is a profile field on everyones account called service record. This field is used by the officers to keep track of promotions, demotions, disciplinary action, and discharges. There will be new regulations set out regarding this section so that this profile field can be more efficiently used.

Promotions: All promotions will be logged in the service record and will under no circumstance be erased from the service record.

Demotions: All demotions will be logged in the service record. Demotions will only be removed if the member appeals their demotion and the demotion is...
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The clan has adopted a new basic entry policy. Basic Entry will be a lot more practical in clan operation. Rather than doing a lot of in game training at this stage. Members will be evaluated on activity. In order for a recruit to complete the basic entry process they must do the following.

First members must register on the site and request entry into the personnel group.

At this point they will be required to earn 25 Merit, 5 Reputation, and a Minimum of 10 Post to the site.

During this time they will be evaluated on their understanding of clan regulation through...
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There's Several ways to earn Merit. Forum activity automatically increases Merit. Activity is defined as posting on the forum (keep in mind that chat box does not increase Merit).

On forums:
New topic: 3 Merit
Reply to topic: 1 Merit
New Topic on Suggestions Forum: 5 Merit
New Topic on Events Forum: 15 Merit.
(Keep in mind that posting for the sole purpose of earning Merit is strictly prohibited by code of conduct)

Other Ways to Earn Merit:
Attending Events: 15 Merit
Assisting with Recruit training: 20 Merit
Running Recruit Training:...
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1) Personnel should (when working with clan members and representatives from other clans) conduct themselves professionally and treat other's respectfully.
2) Though we don't require the use of the "sir" type responses, It may be used on occasion. Members may use this type of response at their discretion. This type of response should be carried out appropriately when in the presence of a representative from another clan. Do NOT call and NCO or other Enlisted Personnel Sir or Ma'am. Sir and Ma'am are reserved for Officers (Warrant and Commissioned)
3) Cursing should be kept to...
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Double Duty is regulated in the clan. Double Duty is monitored by the staff of the 501st. While double duty isn't banned in the clan, there are benefits that can only be applied to members that are only in the 501st.

  • Members that choose to remain in the 501st promote faster than members on double duty.
  • Only members actively participating as a member of the 501st (and the 501st only) are eligible to receive a Commission in the clan (Lieutenant and above). If a member has already earned a Commission prior to double duty they may keep...
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